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ZTE Livebox Repairs – France & Poland


ZTE is a major customer of Orange in France, and also benefits from an an existing relationship with ANOVO in key geographies across the Group. We service a range of products from mobile to set-top boxes. In the French market we have utilised our expertise providing in-warranty repairs, screening and BGA repairs, to develop a range of testing regimes, software and parts supply lines to support high volume refurbishment and repair for the Livebox.


In Poland, ZTE sought a supplier that could help them to repair and re-market a huge stock of returned units. In addition, ZTE needed to fulfil warranty obligations.

With limited knowledge of the processes ZTE drew on their relationship with ANOVO France to discover how a live system operated, to identify best practices, and to develop a clear RFQ that would deliver to their needs.

The challenge was to replicate and adapt the system in France within a very different and complex Polish market, without compromising on quality and efficiencies. With their clients’ testing solutions and processes differing by-country, ZTE and ANOVO needed to work together to develop closed-loop testing for every eventuality.


ANOVO was able to blueprint the expertise and processes developed in France in order to react to the opportunity presented by Orange in Poland, supporting a similar product type.

We established a robust testing and processing platform which was subsequently audited and signed off by ZTE together with Orange (TPSA). ANOVO began production in May and continues to provide support and process improvements.


Still in its’ early stages, this solution has delivered a robust and efficient high-volume repair solution, with the expected screening in excess of 40,000 units per annum.

Customer Quote

“The local expectations and requirements in Poland meant that this project set-up has been particularly complex. ZTE experienced good cooperation, trust, and professionalism from ANOVO which helped to solve all initial process issues, enabling the commencement of a smooth repair operation. It is pleasure to work with this team.”