BT works with ANOVO to support Ellen MacArthur Foundation Initiative

July 12, 2011 10:05 am

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation works with education and business to inspire people to re-think, re-design and build a positive future using a circular economy framework. Their key objectives are to work with education and business to provide a platform for change through inspirational content, education programmes and communication and to help seed the future economy with people with the knowledge and skills for future business opportunities

In supporting their customer, BT and ANOVO hosted a workshop, which included Ellen Macarthur and 6 students at the ANOVO Enfield facility. Ron Harckham, UK Sales Director gave an insight of ANOVO services and the current electronics market place to assist the students with future thinking of product & packaging design for a sustainable future. The workshop included a site tour hosted by John Gardner, Senior Account Manager for BT, of the current BT technical services offered by ANOVO. Both the workshop and the tour generated many questions from the students and team in attendance, which were answered by the BT and ANOVO teams.

“The visit to ANOVO gave industrial experience of an aspect of Whole Life Thinking, and ANOVO provided an excellent example of refurbishment processes and the broader market environment. The ANOVO team gave up a great deal of their time, organised presentations and guided walkabout on the factory floor. I heard the students remark later that they ‘had no idea this happened to products like this’. I am sure a very worthwhile experience for them all”. Matt Polaine, Senior Researcher, Circular Economy, BT Research & Technology

“The visit to Anovo was an inspirational experience for the students. In a world of increasing materials and energy costs they have been challenged by BT to design a communications product within a circular economy framework. The trip to Anovo allowed them to see first hand what is already being achieved to keep valuable materials and products within the system, whilst at the same time providing economically sound business opportunities”. Jo Miller, Project ReDesign Project ManagerANOVO understands the importance of sustainable products and packaging. The overview today included the work ANOVO are currently doing within the regeneration marketplace. It was a pleasure to meet Ellen, her team and the students and hope they found the day interesting.’ says Ron Harckham, UK Sales Director, ANOVO.

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