proximity repair

The global market for wearable devices has grown 223% in 2015 – forbes

Managing repair services at the consumer’s point of need

ANOVO enables our customers’ customers to remain connected, providing an unrivalled level of customer service through our range of proximity repair and point of sales solutions.

Consumer knowledge of products has increased vastly in recent years, and the need for instant support is becoming a strong differentiator for clients who want to increase market share and drive higher retention rates and revenue per device.

Our proximity repair and point of sales solutions include:

On-Site Walk-in Repair - End-users who need support can get an instant “walk-away” solution, whether they have lost or damaged their product, require help in setting up or configuring their device, need specific hardware diagnostics, or data transfer services, we provide a range of in-store technical skills, tools and back office repair services to support their requirements.

Instant loan unit - Where devices cannot immediately be repaired in-store, their owners are supplied with a swap device configured exactly to their original settings, whilst the faulty device is sent for a 72 hour depot repair.

Point of Sale Solutions - Our in-store network can also provide additional resources to promote new offers and the marketing of products and services.