ANOVO’s combination of services offer a second life to more than 20 million electronic products every year.

ANOVO Annual Report 2012

Giving a second life to more than one million devices annually across the world. Re-trading over €80 million worth of recycled products.

We understand that the recycling and re-use of products is a strategic option for all of our customers, our regeneration business unit has been developed with this in mind.

Our focus is on creating the right channels to efficiently acquire, source and re-market a high volume of electronic equipment and devices, generating significant income for our partners.

There are regeneration opportunities across all channels, including the support of end-user buy-back schemes, retail-marketing solutions and corporate recycling programmes, all of which drive a huge volume of product returns.

Regeneration encompasses a number of services aimed at increasing returns and reducing product waste. These can include: 

B2B Buy-backANOVO's optimised value recovery and inventory disposal services offer numerous benefits to our customers, enabling them to sell on surplus and redundant devices. This saves resources whilst also tackling the issue of e-waste through our recycling expertise. 

Trading and Insurance Fulfillment ANOVO resells refurbished electronic devices via our Trading division to the global marketplace. Depending on your criteria (product type, brand, value, etc), we can provide the quantities you require. We provide two types of products. The first are working, tested handsets destined for use in emerging markets that require a cost effective way of accessing the latest mobile technologies. The second are fully refurbished devices, which can be used by insurance companies as replacement devices.

B2C Buy-back Our B2C web-based tools combine marketing expertise with the development of bespoke recycling websites. These are fully optimised for search, ensuring a high natural listing on major search engines, as well as a paid-for SEM presence. Our affiliate marketing capabilities offer further online promotion to customers, ensuring customers are exposed to the brand at multiple online touch points.

In-store buy-back ANOVO works with a number of retailers to enhance their in-store buy-back capabilities. We provide sales team training to encourage promotion of the buy-back offer. This can be supported with brochures and PoS marketing collateral to drive the message home. Our buyback extranet tools provide a dynamic in-store solution, enabling flexible promotions and options on popular products to further encourage uptake.

Recycling Device recycling is a core operation for ANOVO. Every day we help customers to safely recycle unwanted devices and components, meeting environmental targets while at the same time providing an additional revenue stream. Drawing on our skills in value recovery and through our buy-back and trading platforms – with optimised disposal routes – we are focused on delivering the best resale value to our customers. 

Refurbishment Our flexible high volume repair and refurbishment platform enables management of significant shifts in daily volume while maintaining full KPI compliance. We recover and retain healthy components from irreparable products, and recycle all items that cannot be used in line with Europe's WEEE directive. Our customers benefit from the added value generated by our expertise, as well as trust in our reporting, sorting and waste treatment processes as an accurate record for their sustainability and environmental obligations.

Data cleanse ANOVO ensures that all devices are cleared of all content to ensure total data privacy. Reselling is undertaken in full compliance with current legislation. 

Surplus and obsolete purchase ANOVO offers an efficient and compliant sourcing and recycling solution for handling surplus or obsolete products. We currently source returned products from electronics manufacturers, retailers, operators, legal and environmental organisations, and consumers.