ANOVO sells more than 8 million refurbished devices each year via our international regeneration solution.

Professional and rapid technical repair service that enhances your customers’ brand experience.

At ANOVO we understand that our technical repair expertise has a key role in helping to protect or even enhance the reputation of your brands. 

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Our repair operations support multi-product technologies including the repair of smartphones, tablets, notebooks, broadband access equipment, digital set-top-boxes, games consoles, printers and LCD panels and displays.

Our global logistics network ensures that we can efficiently deliver high-volume repair solutions on a local, national and international scale tailored to your needs.

We offer a balanced combination of same-day warranty repairs, centralised swap, as-new, and insurance replenishment services, all of which have been developed with quality and convenience at its heart.

Working with ANOVO ensures that your customers receive not only high-quality repair, but also excellent customer service and minimal disruption during the process. 

Choose ANOVO as your repair partner and you will benefit from

  • Rapid same unit repair, involving same-day to 5-day turnaround
  • Refurbishment to as-new standard
  • Optimised shipping and handling costs
  • Improved inventory utilisation
  • Operations that support the validation of Dead On Arrival (DOA) products, diagnostics, enhanced repairs, parts screening and replacement
  • Waste removal to WEEE standards.

Our repair solutions include:

OEM in-warranty repair  ANOVO is the accredited warranty service provider for many of the world's leading consumer electronic devices. Our repair solutions provide a platform that enables OEMs to optimise the cost of warranty management while delivering the level of service that your consumers expect.

Out of warranty repair ANOVO provides cost-effective out of warranty repair services for a number of market-leading customers and end-users.

Accidental damage repair  ANOVO provides a number of services to customers seeking accidental damage repair. Combining our expertise in diagnostics, technical support, repair, quality management and post-repair customer support services, we guarantee a repair or product replacement with low bounce rates and quality service, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Proximity repair  Our in-store proximity repair solutions help brands to differentiate in a fiercely competitive market. We provide expert technical advice and instant face-to-face or online customer care. Our in-store solutions provide while-you-wait service and the option to browse Point Of Sale current offers, while reducing cost and repair waiting times.