returns avoidance

“The number of smartphone users is growing by 42% a year, globally” – Morgan Stanley

Empowering customers while reducing returns

Avoiding returns across a range of electronic devices has become crucial to our customers and partners. Our returns avoidance solution draws on our experience within the industry to regularly achieve ‘save rates’ in excess of 60% for end-users in the first 28 days of product ownership.

ANOVO is committed to evolving our returns avoidance solution to align with the dynamic and fast-moving market. We provide hardware technology, software and solution delivery, alongside reporting and trouble-shooting services to customer teams.

Our services also ensure that customers can minimise end-user disruption by providing simple software updates.

Currently our Returns Avoidance (RA) diagnostics and repair solutions include:

In-store RA ANOVO provides in-store web based portals to enhance the knowledge of your customer service representatives. Our in-store services reduce the number of returns by providing live fault diagnostic, content management and software update tools.

Online self-service portals Our dedicated platforms provide 24/7/365 self help support to end-users. These solutions can be standalone websites or hosted within an iframe direct from our customer’s support pages. We can provide multilingual platforms per country, delivering global support and consistent messages.

Specialised applications Our specialised applications can be developed in partnership with you, and could include content management, software updates and on-device applications that support both customer service representatives and end users. We ensure that end user content is fully protected while providing a full end-to-end solution to improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs.

Out of warranty handling Within the same solution, there is the option to handle and an out of warranty repair direct to the end user or via our customers’ platform.