smart logistics

"Total global mobile subscribers will exceed 4 billion people by 2018."

Elizabeth Woyke, Forbes

Our focus on smart logistics adds value across the entire supply chain. We work with customers to create models that are both flexible in their execution and that reduce end-to-end service costs.

Our skill is focused on minimising product movement, avoiding unnecessary touch points and handling, and optimising inventory levels in support of the equipment repair processes.

Smart Logistics provides an alternative option to embed our repair operations within customer locations. This delivers an effective service model that has market-leading benefits such as:

  • Single shared site costs for spare parts hub and repair operations
  • Lower unit repair costs
  • Elimination of parts shipping costs to distributed repair network
  • Reduction in parts handling costs using linked in-house inventory
  • Optimised repair turn-around-time
  • Customer rapid response service launched to drive
  • Customer service differentiation in the market


Our services include:

Reverse logistics As a specialist in reverse logistics, we pride ourselves on our ability to reduce risk for our customers by managing their end-to-end supply chain services. We operate under robust quality processes and ensure that there is full visibility and control throughout the process. Our integrated IT solutions help to deliver savings over current cost levels and result in supply chain solutions that are tailored to meet our customers' needs. 

Forward logistics ANOVO works with your inventory procurement and planning departments to ensure you receive the right stock, with the right branding and kit, at the right time. By outsourcing this process to ANOVO, our customers save both time and resources, reducing costs and improving profitability through our centralised processes.

Customised-to-order (CTO) and kitting As part of our forward logistics services, ANOVO offers a suite of customised-to-order options. We handle everything from sourcing products, to checking their quality, from loading software to branding. We also pack kit products with accessories and documentation. Our logistics team handles shipment to the customer with complete traceability.

Pre-release validation and testing A cost effective way to ensure your products are market-compliant, ANOVO draws on our device screening, testing and repair capabilities to ensure your products work as advertised, contributing to customer satisfaction and protecting your brand's reputation. We can also help to prevent product returns or recalls by testing new technologies before their market release.

Reverse hubs ANOVO can centrally manage your entire range of products returned under warranty. At our reverse hub we can check each device, and send it to the appropriate repair network. Our hubs benefit from our global scale and expertise in logistics, delivering fast turnaround times and improving your customer service provision.

Spare parts management The ANOVO spare parts management solution simplifies one of the most complex facets of a manufacturer's operation. We can help you manage sourcing and procurement to optimise costs and availability. To give you total visibility, parts can be managed centrally, for either European or worldwide operations. Our solution means that you do not have to maintain complex information systems (ERP) and inventory storage.

CRM and tracking systems ANOVO's tracking solution never lets a product out of sight. Barcode readers track the product's location in real time, identify its downtime and keep a detailed list of all operations performed. Our secure web solution enables you to track the entire process and analyse the data and statistics prepared by ANOVO. It provides detailed reporting, including retailer sales, KPI, credit card payments, line performance and end user queries. Online updating of the model and serial number make it easy to optimise management of a replacement unit.