why anovo

"Globally data usage is projected to grow by 66% p.a. through 2017 – equivalent to more than 5 billion hours of HD video."

A T Kearney, GSMA Report 2013

ANOVO is a market-leading provider of supply chain services.

We provide our customers with exceptional solutions that deliver value, innovation, and a high level of customer satisfaction, supporting ever-changing, technically complex devices.

These include everything from mobiles and smartphones, to computers, touch screen tablet devices, triple play set top boxes, home gateways, game consoles, e-readers, TVs and printers. 

Ensuring excellent customer satisfaction for more than 20 years.

At ANOVO we work with our customers to create after-sales solutions that drive efficiencies and protect their brand’s reputation. We make it possible to extend the lifecycle of high-tech products, increasing their value and reducing their environmental footprint. In addition, we have the systems and expertise to enhance customer satisfaction and introduce innovative solutions that improve the ‘bottom line’.

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With operations in 12 countries, the ANOVO Group offers comprehensive supply chain solutions in three regions: Europe, Latin America and Asia.

Our business has five key solutions, providing the most favourable integrated services in Repair & Refurbishment, Regeneration, Returns Avoidance, Proximity Repair and Smart Logistics.

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All of these services are supported by our flexible network of specialised service centres and freight partners to ensure that we can provide an efficient and comprehensive solution to customers anywhere in the world.

We provide local services to our customers – increasingly right at their point of need - either through multi-lingual call centres and local walk-in repair centres, or by placing our services directly within the supply chain itself via our forward and reverse hub operations.