ANOVO’s moral and ethical commitments ensure that we always consider the impact our actvities have on the environment.

In fact one of our strategic objectives is to achieve excellent corporate environmental standards. This ensures that we have the appropriate ISO accreditations, and that we are increasing our environmental management responsibilities across all of our activities.

ANOVO's Environmental Policy

We recognise the importance of further strengthening our green credentials by identifying, monitoring, measuring, and reporting ANOVO’s environmental aspects, and reducing their potential impacts. To fulfil this commitment, we will:

  • Employ systems and procedures that ensure the company’s compliance with environmental legislation
  • Integrate principles of environmental sustainability, consciousness and responsibility within our policies, practices and/or services, including our staff and supply chain
  • Identify, understand and prioritise the significant environmental risks inherent in our business and put in place control mechanisms to mitigate their effects
  • Communicate our environmental policy and practices to staff and other stakeholders, and raise awareness amongst these groups of their own environmental responsibilities
  • Reduce our carbon footprint through prudent use of energy, and minimise carbon-dioxide emissions associated with staff commuting to work by cars and business trips
  • Apply the principles of the waste hierarchy (reduce, reuse and recycle) in all of our processes
  • Conduct operations in an economically and environmentally sound and sustainable manner
  • Work with local, regional and/or national stakeholders to realise sustainability goals
  • Promote a culture within the organisation whereby positive environmental management is embraced by everyone
  • Promote sustainable development by the efficient use of natural resources, and minimising consumption.

This policy and our environmental practices are reviewed on a regular basis to evaluate continued relevance and to monitor compliance.