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"Total global mobile subscribers will exceed 4 billion people by 2018."

Elizabeth Woyke, Forbes

Maximising money for electronic devices

An integral part of our recycling and regeneration services is the delivery of market-leading platforms for device recycling. Our offering includes solutions from our own recycling channel, Love2Recycle, as well as creating bespoke sites branded for our customers.

Our specialist team is involved in the development, management and marketing of these websites, which provide a recycling and device buy-back platform for end-users.

The websites, which are managed by ANOVO from initial design concept to finaldelivery, enable consumers to trade their devices for incentives such as cash or vouchers, and help ourselves and our business customers to not only meet legal and environmental requirements, but also to benefit from increased revenue streams as they do so.

Sites are fully optimised for search, ensuring a high natural listing on major search engines, as well as a paid-for SEM presence. Our affiliate marketing capabilities offer further online promotion to customers; ensuring high profile brand positioning at multiple online touch points.

Additional online B2C services include:

  • Community management skills (developing the brand in social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Development and specialised marketing of online platforms
  • CRM/PRM campaigns
  • Mobile marketing
  • Apps for iOS and Android

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